When I served as a fractional COO, I always wondered why there was so much support for the CEOs I partnered with, and so little for the operational leaders who were running the day-to-day of the business behind the scenes.

The  support  I wish I had when I was a second-in-command.

That's why I've been so committed to helping both CEOs AND their second-in-commands unshakably scale and lead. 

This high proximity 6 month advisory is where my second-in-command and I partner with operational leaders as they scale and lead businesses.

...by application only.




The Unshakable COO™

This is for the operational leaders who are ready to shift from doers to leaders

and become strategic partners to help CEOs unshakably scale.

Annie Brees, COO

Before hiring Kathryn, we had a lot of amazing ideas but very little direction as to how to put those ideas into action in a consistent, scalable manner. It often felt like we were working really hard with little to show for it. Kathryn has improved nearly every aspect of our business. We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership team and departments. We have streamlined communication, improved and created multiple systems and automations, and have consistent yearly and quarterly goal-setting sessions to ensure that priorities are set and plans are put into action to achieve our goals. Kathryn’s experience and passion for business, team development and systems has been such an asset to our company.  

Caleigh Meduna, DOO

We were and are in a state of tremendous growth so Kathryn’s coaching helped me process through our growing pains and challenged me to think differently! Kathryn is a calming voice who has a lot of experience strengthening operational teams. She has a very clear and detailed process and she will provide tools and templates to guide you every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start?

We are currently building a waitlist. To be the first to know when enrollment opens, please join the waitlist. 

If I’m supporting businesses making less than 6-figures, is this right for me?

No, this advisory is best suited for operational leaders supporting mulit 6 or 7 figure businesses.

Have another question?

Not sure if this is for you or have another question we haven’t answered yet? Email hello@theunshakablecompany.com and Team Unshakable will get back to you ASAP. Please only email if you’ve read through this page and you are serious about investing.

I’ve been in the unique position of...

  • Leading as both a COO and CEO
  • Coaching leadership teams for more than 5 years.
  • Serving as a high level strategic partner
  • Scaling businesses for more than 18 years
And I deeply understand the dynamics of a successful CEO/COO relationship as well as the unique support both require. 

I'm Kathryn

It's time to transition from doer to leader and learn to run a business like a COO.

I’ll show you how.

I believe every business needs a strong second-in-command to serve as a strategic partner, strong leader, and driver of results.