Right now, when you step “out of the office” everything comes to a screeching halt because your business is reliant on you. 

Two week vacation completely unplugged with sales still rolling in?
Not a chance.

Volunteering at your kid’s field trip to the zoo on a random Wednesday?
Sorry, you’ve got back-to-back calls every day until 2035.

Cutting your workweek in half while doubling your revenue?
Feels impossible.

You know you want to go after bigger income goals, but not if it means sacrificing more of your time.

It’s not that you don’t want to work, it’s that you’re already spread thin. You love what you do, but you don’t know how to scale your income when you’re already exhausted.

You don’t have to feel trapped in your business. You can build a revenue generating asset that can sustainably scale while you work less. 

Your ability to separate yourself from your business determines how far and how fast you will  scale.

12-month coaching incubator that includes access to the strategies, systems, and support you need to remove yourself as the bottleneck and unshakably scale your business.

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The Unshakable Company™

Knowing how to create results yourself will make you good money

Knowing how to create results that are not dependent on you will make you insane money.

This is the difference between a business built around you and building a self-sufficient company.

  • You’re removed from the day-to-day and no longer wearing all the hats in your business you finally get to step into your role as full-time CEO.

  • Consistent, repeatable revenue. Month over month. Without reliance on YOU.

  • Taking a day off isn’t just possible any time you want - it’s something that you build into your schedule as frequently as you want - maybe even shifting to a 4-day workweek every single week.

  • That once-in-a-lifetime vacation ~ WITHOUT working or worrying that the business will implode while you’re away ~ becomes a regular thing for your family.

  • You work less. You earn more. You shake up your industry with massive impact.. 

A company that’s unshakably scaled means…

Sounds too good to be true, right? 

It’s not. 

The Unshakable Operating System


When you have unshakable demand, unshakable operations, and unshakable leadership you increase your:


Predictable profit becomes your new normal


Earn more and help more people while working less


You’re a sought after authority in your industry


Your business delivers consistent, repeatable, lasting results that aren’t reliant on you

What We Cover


The foundational and advanced training needed to scale and lead an unshakable company. This includes curriculum to build unshakable demand, operations and leadership.

And more!

  • You own an online knowledge or service-based business (e.g. coach, consultant, course creator, bookkeeper, operations manager, ads manager, virtual assistant, marketer, graphic designer, web developer, copywriter, etc.).

  • You’re already making 6-figures or more annually.

  • You want to double your revenue this year.

  • You want to cut your work time in half.

  • You don’t mind working, but you also want to make money differently than you have before -> aka more scalable and less dependent on you.

  • You are ready to build a team, large or small, of high performers you can trust and depend on to generate results (not just check off tasks). 

  • You love what you do and want to bring more people into your world and your work.

This is for you if…

custom scale plan & 1:1 Strategy call

What you get in


The Unshakable Company™

Complete our Scale to Seven® Assessment to take a deep dive into where your business is now as well as your goals and vision. Then meet 1:1 with Team Unshakable to review your custom Scale Plan.

Private Community

Access to a private community of other business owners for connection and collaboration, as well as support from Team Unshakable.

On-Demand curriculum

Access to our unshakable operating system curriculum with everything you need to sustainably scale your income and freedom.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Access to weekly hot seat group coaching calls where you can ask questions and receive personalized coaching from Kathryn and Team Unshakable.


Investment Options

12 Monthly Payments of 


  • Custom Scale Plan & 1:1 Strategy Call

  • Access to the Unshakable Operating System™ Curriculum

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Access to a private community

Pay In Full 


  • Custom Scale Plan & 1:1 Strategy Call

  • Access to the Unshakable Operating System™ Curriculum

  • Weekly group coaching calls

  • Access to a private community

  • Pay In Full Bonus: 1:1 Coaching Call with Kathryn

It’s important to note that this is a one year commitment. Even if you choose the monthly payment plan, you are committing to the full year and are responsible for the entire annual fee. It’s not an option to cancel part-way through the year; the commitment is for the full 12 months.

Enroll Now

Enroll Now

Annie Brees

Before working with Kathryn, we had a lot of amazing ideas but very little direction as to how to put those ideas into action in a consistent, scalable manner. It often felt like we were working really hard with little to show for it. She has improved nearly every aspect of our business. We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the leadership team and departments. We have streamlined communication, improved and created multiple systems and automations, and have consistent yearly and quarterly goal-setting sessions to ensure that priorities are set and plans are put into action to achieve our goals.

Allana Robinson

Before I joined I had no idea what to do next. I was feeling really overwhelmed and unsure of how to get out of being a solo act. I'd gotten myself to 100k with sheer force of will and once I got there I was like ...and? What now? This helped me figure out what needs to change in order to grow and now I have a framework for working on my business instead of just IN it.

I'm Kathryn

I’ve scaled businesses for over 18 years.
I’ve helped my clients make millions of dollars.

And I believe there’s one thing far more important than how much money you make, how you make it.

I left the corporate world to stop working 60-hour workweeks and have time to spend with the family I was doing it all for in the first place. 

But in my early days of entrepreneurship I realized I was overworked and burning out - only this time I was doing it from home instead of at the office! I figured out how to get out of the weeds of my business and scale it sustainably. 

When I constantly saw other business owners in the never-ending cycle of hustle and burnout, I made it my mission to help them and developed the Unshakable Operating System™ so their income no longer rises and falls based on how much they work.

You can run a high level, high income online business without sacrificing your time and freedom. 

You don’t have to settle. And I’m here to help you stop the cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access to the on-demand curriculum and any new content released during your year. You will have access to the coaching calls, call replays and community for 12 months from the day you enroll.

If I’m just getting started, I’m making less than 6-figures, or I’m an Ops Leader, is this right for me?

The strategies and systems taught are best for business owners already earning 6 to 7-figures or more annually or Ops leaders supporting businesses at that level.

When does it start?

Enrollment is open on a rolling basis so your access to support begins as soon as you enroll. 

How much individual support will I receive?

We will get to know you and your individual business right away through our onboarding process, including an in depth assessment and 1:1 Strategy call where we’ll customize your scale plan. Then you’ll have access to weekly hot seat coaching calls where you can bring your specific business challenges or goals and receive direct coaching, feedback and advice in a group setting. You also have the ability to ask questions in the private community. If you want private access, then we have a VIP option available at checkout that adds a monthly 1:1 call. 

Can I cancel anytime?

No, once you’ve committed to The Unshakable Company™ Incubator, whether you pay in full for the year or choose the monthly payment plan, you are responsible for the entire year’s fee. It’s not an option to cancel part-way through the year. Your annual enrollment does not automatically renew, but you will be given an opportunity to renew for a second year at an alumni rate.

Have another question?

Not sure if this is for you or have another question we haven’t answered yet? Email hello@theunshakablecompany.com and Team Unshakable will get back to you ASAP. Please only email if you’ve read through this page and you are serious about investing.

If you have a business that stops getting results when you stop working, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

We’re going to change that.